New England Timber Framers is dedicated to preserving the age-old art of traditional timber framing. We build homes with authenticity, character and uniqueness to each customer in mind. We specialize in design and construction of homes, barns, outbuildings, and commercial buildings. We also do restoration, reproduction, sign posts, and utilize stresskin panels.

Custom Designed
Superior Structural Integrity
Myriad Wood Species
Restoration / Reproduction
Stresskin Panels

New England Timber Framers uses time-proven traditional joinery with draw bore pegging. This allows for versatility in frame design, super structural integrity and a pleasing aesthetic look.

Our frames resemble buildings from hundreds of years ago because we have mastered the same methods of design and layout as the craftsmen of the past used.
  • The making of hand hewn beams
  • The use of naturally curved wood
  • Rough of planed finish on timbers
  • Embellishments

New England Timber Framers can provide or advise on the use of installation, wiring, and finish of stresskin panels.

Custom Design With You In Mind
New England Timber Framers individually handcrafts the timber frame in each of the homes we build. Individual frame design allows complete flexibility so you can have a home designed "the way you want it" - inside and out, or, if you prefer, you may furnish plans from your designer and New England Timber Framers will fit a frame to that design. Each job is individually tailored to each person. The design process begins by preparing an inventory of your needs, including space needs and uses, visual looks or style, and personal preferences based on your lifestyle. Using this information, we design floor and elevation plans for your home. Only after plans are finished is the timber frame designed. The structure of the timber frame allows you to choose from an unlimited number of interior arrangements, such as open floor plans and vaulted ceilings. The frame and joinery are then designed for your specific plans and budget. New England Timer Framers "handcrafting" allows you to go beyond regular production techniques to add that "little extra" to each of our frames. Each frame is truly unique.